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Today, we live in a truly globalized world where an increasing lack of safety is magnified by borderless societies and economic disparity. We can either ignore this or face it. Ignoring it will only slight delay our involvement. Facing it requires courage.

The way I see it there are two kinds of courage. The first one is true courage. It arises from full awareness. It is simple. You calmly run towards the fight and not away from it.

The second one is the courage dictated by fear. It is a false one. It is noisy. It compels one to strike another out of the inability to control.

Allow me to help us become more aware.


  • International Security Consulting

    Gennaro has provided Subject Matter Expertise to a number of enterprises and institutions. He has, to name a few, evaluated the financial effect of the Lockerbie terrorist attack on Pan Am’s operations. More

  • Speaking Engagements

    Gennaro delivers poignant testimonies about the nature and dynamics of international conflict which engage listeners and stimulate direct audience participation. More

  • Coaching Teaching Lecturing

    isisGennaro has developed the course on Comparative National Security Analysis for the School of Public Service at Excelsior College where he is now an Adjunct Faculty member. More


A 25 year veteran of the investment banking and capital markets sector, he began his career as a bond and OTC bond options specialist in the government debt division of Liberty EuroBrokers in the United Kingdom, followed by senior positions at Smith Barney Shearson, Yamaichi International (Europe), Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and at IBJ International (Mizuho Bank). In 2000, he became a partner at private equity firm Bracken Partners in London and held participations in the SSC Napoli, Viastar Media Holdings Corporation, St. James Films and Moving Pictures Film and Television. More

Published Works

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